Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Morrissey - Jack The Ripper

Steven Morrissey of The Smiths, wrote the song "Jack The Ripper" in early 1992, appearing on his solo album "Beethoven Was Deaf". This song, portrays Morrissey as the Ripper who picks up a drifting and lonely prostitute on the streets. Instead of brutally slaughtering the prostitute, Morrissey romanticizes the meeting as a lustful and poetic sexual encounter. The lyrics "Crash into my arms, I want you. You don't agree, but you don't refuse... I know you" bring to mind a sad but hopeful love affair between Morrissey and his street walker. Although the prostitute is destitute and working in poor conditions, Morrissey is desperate to posses his love no matter what the cost. Morrissey not only describes the agony and sorrow of the life of the prostitute, he beautifully conveys the lost soul as someone he deeply cares for, even if it is a one night rendezvous. The lyric, "And if it's the last thing I ever do, I'm gonna get you" reminds the listener of the barbaric way in which the real Jack the Ripper committed his terrible massacres. Morrissey, however, terms the lyric as a ruthless way to attack his lover with adoration and praise. Ironically, Morrissey has been abstinent for several decades and is ambiguous about his sexuality.
For more information on this song, GO LISTEN TO IT, DUMMY!

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