Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jack Kevorkian - Dr. Death

"Dying is not a crime," was Dr. Jack Kevorkian's motto. Assisting in over 130 suicides, Kevorkian gave enormous doses of controlled substances to his patients and was charged with second degree murder for giving out lethal injections that were not prescribed. Few are aware what a talented and determined jazz musician and oil painter Kevorkian was. A limited edition CD was released in 1997 featuring Kevorkian on flute and organ. Kevorkian spent eight years in prison for his crimes and still believes he has done nothing wrong. In 2008, Kevorkian gave a powerful lecture to over 4,000 people stating, "My aim in helping the patient was not to cause death. My aim was to end suffering. It's got to be decriminalized." I whole heartily agree, personally. Causing a public uproar on television, Kevorkian revealed his version of the American flag which featured a swastika where the stars should have been.
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