Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fritz Haarmann

The "Vampire of Hanover", Fritz Haarmann was born in 1879 to an angry and bizarre father who tried to have his son committed to an asylum because he believed Fritz to be mentally deficient. This action was never carried out. As a young man, Haarmann involved himself in petty crimes, often getting arrested because of his sloppy handy work. Changing his aim, Haarmann soon focused on raping and murdering young homeless boys who frequented train stations. Haarmann was brutal with his victims, killing them with a barbaric bite to the neck. Luring them with sweets and cigarettes, Haarmann was able to have his pick with any young boy he chose. Soon, Hans Grans would join Haarmann in his crimes and moved into Haarmann's bloody and disheveled flat. The pair were very open with their killings, often cutting up bodies loudly and walking the streets with buckets of blood. The reason Haarmann was able to get away with this was because his profession was a butcher. When the public began to complain about meat tasting odd, it was rumored that the meat could possibly be human. After Fritz and Hans were listed as suspects in the many murders taking place in Hanover, Haarmann's flat was discovered to be horrifically covered in blood and small boys clothes. When a young mother found a piece of clothing that belonged to her missing son, Haarmann finally confessed to his crimes. In 1924, Haarmann and Grans were charged with the murders of 27 young boys. When asked about one particular missing boy, Haarmann coldly replied, "I should never have looked twice at such an ugly youngster... Such a fellow would have been far beneath my notice." 200 witnesses were called in the trial, damning both Haarmann and Grans. On December 19th, 1924, Haarmann was found guilty. His last words were screamed in the court, "Do you think I enjoy killing people? I was ill for 8 days after the first time. Condemn me to death. I ask only for justice. I am not mad. It is true I often get into a state when I do not know what I am doing, but that is not madness. Make it short, make it soon. Deliver me from this life, which is a torment. I will not petition for mercy, nor will I appeal. I want to pass just one more merry evening in my cell, with coffee, cheese, and cigars, after which I will curse my father and go to my execution as if it were a wedding." The very next day, Fritz Haarmann was beheaded.
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