Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Death Penalty

The following was written by my husband, Eric, as a school paper on the death penalty.
Society can never learn about the workings of the violent mind from a dead person.
Killing people is never justified. Human life is precious and should be cared for, not idly thrown away. Every living thing has potential to achieve accomplishments. Extinguishing life denies the world the opportunity to see these accomplishments come to fruition. Murderers and violent criminals have the same right to live that you and I do. Yes, they may have made the terrible decisions that led to their incarcerations, but this is because there is something within them that compromises their judgment. They may suffer from chemical imbalances or mental instability. These people have something wrong with them, and that is not their fault. They are still worth every effort to understand and rehabilitate.
For more information on this topic, implicate yourself in a murder.

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