Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Carl Panzram

"I believe the only way to reform people is to kill them", Carl Panzram once said of his crimes. Completely void of feelings, Panzram killed at least 21 people, though the number is thought to be more. Born in 1891, he was the son of Prussian immigrant parents. From the age of eight, Panzram was already in trouble with authorities for various petty crimes. Sent to juvenile institutions, Panzram spent his childhood orphaned and alone. As and adult, he was frequently incarcerated and was often argumentative and insubordinate to the guards who subjected him to vicious and relentless beatings. As a free man, Panzram committed a myriad of crimes from arson to sodomy. There was nothing he wouldn't do to satisfy his grim pleasures. By 1920, Panzram was thought to have begun his career of murdering by purchasing a yacht in which he acquired ten men to work for him. All of the crew were drugged, raped and killed at the hands of Panzram. The bodies were thrown overboard. Panzram committed his crimes all over the world, including West Africa where he hired another ten men for his crocodile hunt. The purpose of the trip was abandoned when Panzram killed all the men and then participated in necrophilia before throwing them to the crocodiles. Panzram's Modus operandi varied from shooting to strangulation among other heinous acts. When Panzram was finally apprehended, his chilling words echoed throughout the gallows. "I wish the whole world had but a single throat and I had my hands around it.... I am not in the least bit sorry." In 1930, at the age of 39, Panzram was hung at Leavenworth Prison.
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